Vocational Rehabilitation/Job Services

What is "Vocational Rehabilitation?" 
Vocational rehabilitation is the service JCDC provides to individuals who would like to explore working.  Through programs the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services Branch offices sponsor, people can request help deciding what kind of job they would like or getting a job of interest to them.  JCDC them works with the person interested in working to help them find the job they are able to do and enjoy, while becoming more independent and self-sufficient.  Working is not all about money.  Work is about doing your part and learning new skills.
Do you mean JCDC can get me a job?
JCDC can help you learn what you are able to do, what you enjoy doing for work, how long you can work, and what skills you will need to get a job.  We also teach life skills to assist with living on your own such as: laundry, cooking, cleaning, emergency safety, interviewing skills, personal hygiene, and some other skills.  We can only help you gain the skills. You have to use those skills to get your job.
JCDC employs Employment Specialists to work with individuals on a consistent schedule to reach their work goals. The WV Division of Rehabilitation Services counselors discuss the many options with their clients and refer to JCDC Employment Specialists. 
For information about Vocational Rehabilitation services in:
Calhoun, Jackson, Mason, Doddridge, Pleasants, Roane, Ritchie, Wirt, and Wood Counties-
Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist Supervisor, Robert Bonar
Vocational Rehabilitation Services Specialist: Erin Anderson
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