Thoughts on ASD and current events; Please read.

This is article was written by Kaytie Fulks. Kaytie has a brother on the Autism spectrum as well as a son with Autism Spectrum Disorder (*ASD).

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Corona related?🦠 No.You need a break from that.

🌍 It feels like everyone's world right now is at a stand still.Like a weird and strange unknown.

What is to come?How long will this last? What do we do?

What CAN we do? With that being said -->

Did you know:

  • Most need routine and structure but that isn't always the case. It is for us.

  • There is a chance that children with ASD* will resort to self-harm. My son is one of them. 🤕

  • Around 40% are considered nonverbal.. but then the other 60% can talk your ear off! My son is considered "pre" verbal some days but.. not everyday.

  • Autism statistics worldwide are booming. Just a few days ago the CDC released that autism has increased another 10% and we are now at every 1 in 54 births. This data was collected in 2016 BTW. 👶

  • No two are the same. LITERALLY. ❌

  • NO my son doesn't have a "special talent" that he can "perform" for you.

  • And no, whipping them will not make them talk, do what you want them to do, or make the "obey." 😡

  • There is INDEED a difference between a tantrum and a meltdown‼

  • They see, smell, feel, hear, and try to understand the world differently. 👀👃👂

So, so, so many things I can list, but we are going to move on. 👇

🏠Imagine having children all your life. Each one is different in their own way but as soon as you become pregnant, give birth, and start raising, it is like putting the key into the doorknob, letting yourself in, walking through your familiar home, and heading out the back. Each child needs are different so you make pit stops to the bathroom, bedroom, closet....

🏡Now imagine fidgeting with the key and door knob but it doesn't work. You have to climb the fence to get to the back door and do everything backwards, eventually making it to the front. You go through the same house but had to do it in a different angle, a different path.

Right now the world IS chaos 😬 but their world is something that we can't explain. There is more than just losing routine and structure, which in their case is bad enough. Many don't understand what's going on or they think "mom and dad are keeping me hostage here." I know that's what my son is thinking. He thrives on outings which is obviously something we can't do. You take away all that and more which leads to agitation, building of walls, self harm, meltdowns, aggression, and something I fear the most, REGRESSION.

Remember when I opened the conversation up with 🥴 "the world is chaos - what are we to do?" I challenge you to reach out to your friend with a child, grown or not, who's on the spectrum, or has another sort of developmental delay. Offer a cooked meal to leave at the door or ask if there is something you can order online that could potentially help like a new fidget or sensory items. Ask them when a good time is to call if they're able. Tell them you're praying for them. Give them something that your kids don't use anymore that could possibly help.

So, reach out and be a friend. It would be surprising by now but if you don't know anyone personally, I assure you someone on your friends list has a child you can bless in some way.

God bless, guys!

Kaytie wrote this just 5 days ago, on April 2nd. Autism Awareness Day. Her father works with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD), she and her husband used to provide direct supports to individuals with disabilities through their jobs.