What most people with jobs take for granted is a bigger deal than we realize.

Maybe identifying what we get from a job, besides money, is a good place to start.

  1. We have a purpose and get up daily to complete that purpose. – Maybe not every single day, but most days this is true.

  2. Relationships with others in our community develop as a result of our jobs. – This varies by job, but is still a very important part of our adult lives.

  3. Sometimes having a job keeps us going when nothing else can. – Remembering to set a good example for our kids, make money to pay the bills, or complete a work project when we think we just can’t go on for another minute, keeps us going.

What is lost when a job is lost?

  1. Self-respect – Questions like,” What did I do wrong? Why me? Am I ever going to find another job?” are common after the loss of a job.Consider the amount of self-worth a person can lose depending on the answers to those questions!It’s very sad.

  2. Financial Stability – A steady income is very tough to come by these days.The growing need for money to survive can be extremely intimidating.

  3. Familial Stability – The loss of income puts an unreasonable amount of stress on the family as a whole.Fear enters in the minds of children involved, panic and anxiety can take over the adults.

Why the downer-type post?

  • To remind those of us with jobs to be thankful for what our job brings to our life.

  • To remind those of us with a job to see the lack of a job from a different perspective

  • To educate everyone on the value of a job and the negative impact of being job-less.

  • To point out how having a job or not having a job affects all people, not just those with a disability.

  • To share with employers how important they are to each community.


This was JCDC’s original service focus for individuals with disabilities. In many cases, becoming employed has a negative impact on the bottom line of their finances. As listed above, there are a few reasons why having a job is important and the negative impact of not having a job. This affects people of all kinds.

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