It could get a little loud....

A look in the world of JCDC Millwood:

Upon entering JCDC in Millwood, WV, you can experience a variety of situations. It could be a very quiet day with most of the professional staff out for meetings, an action packed day with a community activity planned, or an average day of racing in the halls for physical activity even in cold weather and that's just the front of the building! If you walk down the hall to the back of the building, you may notice a quiet room on the left where data entry and phone support services are provided to outside companies providing employment opportunities to local people or on the right the activities of Day Habilitation are occurring including bingo, crafts to decorate the room or independent skill building tasks. At the end of the hall you'll put on a pair of safety glasses and hopefully you are wearing close toed shoes so you can proceed through our industrial floor and check out the projects employees are working on completing. There are two special spaces I haven't mentioned yet. Those spaces are the "quiet room" and the "multi-sensory room." Specially designed to meet the needs of individuals who may become over-stimulated by the noise of the environment, the quiet room is a space to escape excessive stimulation. In the multi-sensory room individuals are able to experience a therapeutically designed environment to help self-directed stimulation activities.

So why did I say, "it could get a little loud?" I said that because anything is possible at JCDC. We are a place where everyone belongs. If one of the individuals we serve needs to run up and down the hallway, work continues while they run up and down the hallway. Maybe an individual wants to squeal with delight or sing "Happy Birthday," there is no harm in either of those activities and that may very well be the loud noise you hear at JCDC.

Everyone is safe. Everyone matters. Everyone has rights.

Everyone at JCDC is JCDC.

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