Kids Notice Stuff: Make time to turn what they notice in to teaching moments

Nobody likes to be made fun of. This is basic. Sometimes, I think kids make fun of other kids without understanding that is what they are doing. My 9 year old son has a habit of pointing out differences, not because he is rude, but because he is observant. As his mother, I make sure we have a chat about people being different and how pointing those things out may not always be the nice thing to do.

I love my job because it isn't about "disabilities" it's about exceptionalities. The services, education, social experiences people of all kinds receive is relevant to everyone. We are all exceptional.

I don't shelter my kids, because life is going to happen. Differences are not a big deal when they are introduced or explained to children in language they understand. Please use moments when kids do things that may seem inconsiderate to teach them a better way. I do my fair share of flipping out and yelling too, but preventing the incident from happening again is better accomplished calmly.

This came about because my son used to be made fun of for the way he "speaks." He was very hurt and it was an opportunity to remind him there are times he mentions some one else's difference and he might be hurtful.

He is bright, caring and sweet. I'm inclined to say, "How can anyone pick on him? He's such a sweetheart! "

Guess what! It doesn't matter if he's sweet or not. Hurt is hurt. I'm not the person to decide who gets picked on and who doesn't. No one should.

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