Boyce Brother's Awarded for Entrepreneurship

(Ravenswood, WV) -- Eric and Jesse Boyce are brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Their business includes locating items to re-sell from flea markets, auctions, and yard sales, researching the value of the items they have purchased, and preparing the items for sale at their consignment booth in the LML Riverbend Antique Mall of Ravenswood, WV. There are some opportunities to refurbish furniture items and sell them at their consignment booths alongside the antiques they have acquired. The uniqueness of their business matches their abilities and interests. Enjoying their business is the key to their success.

While building their inventory, the brothers are in the community contributing to the local economy and creating an inclusive environment wherever they go. They show those whom they come in to contact, the possibilities for individuals with disabilities just by doing their job. With natural supports, Jesse and Eric have found a job they enjoy and help others with disabilities to understand they can own their own business too. Actions speak much louder than words. Eric and Jesse have actively shown their community the abilities of individuals labeled with a disability.

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