Intellectual/Developmental Disability Services

Title XIX (19) Waiver

What is Intellectual/Developmental Disability (I/DD) Waiver?  
West Virginia’s I/DD Waiver Program provides individuals who require a specific level of care, and who are otherwise eligible for participation in the program, to receive certain services in a home and/or community-based setting for the purpose of attaining independence, personal growth and community inclusion. West Virginia supports an individual’s freedom of choice of providers for I/DD Waiver Program services.
Also called:
  •  Title 19 Waiver (Title XIX Waiver)
  • Medicaid Waiver
  • Direct Care Services
How do I find out more about I/DD Waiver or Apply for this program?
If you have any questions about this program, email Rebecca Curtis, JCDC's Title XIX Waiver Program Service Coordinator at or call her (304)273-9311.
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