Disability services, Employment for people with disabilities

Have you ever wondered what's after high school for students with disabilities?

This may be a question you have considered, it may not. This question affects thousands of young adults in West Virginia each year. While there are several acronym programs to help through the process of "transition" I'm going to try and give you the "skinny" on the most helpful steps to take. 1. What type of challenges does the disability create for training and/or employment? Is transportation going to be an issue? Public transportation may be an option, or additional support to aid in learning how to drive could be available. Is further training an option? There are helpful programs at many trade schools, colleges, and other training programs available to help with challenges an indivi

Top 10 Reasons to Work at JCDC

1. You have a sense of adventure. 2. You don't like bullies. 3. You've got bright ideas. 4. You like to make a difference. 5. Working in a family-type environment is something you would enjoy. 6. You agree disability is a word to describe a person, not define a person. 7. Goals are important to you. 8. Teamwork is your idea of a great idea! 9. At the end of the day, knowing you helped another person grow makes you smile. 10. You like to learn something new every day. #employment #jobs #JCDC #employees

5 Easy Ways to Support JCDC

To purchase products from JCDC, please contact Jessica Burch via email at JBurch@jcdcworks.com or 304-273-9311 ext. 105. Any other questions can be directed to Sara Rose at SRose@jcdcworks.com or by reviewing the JCDCWV website or Facebook. Thank you!

It could get a little loud....

A look in the world of JCDC Millwood: Upon entering JCDC in Millwood, WV, you can experience a variety of situations. It could be a very quiet day with most of the professional staff out for meetings, an action packed day with a community activity planned, or an average day of racing in the halls for physical activity even in cold weather and that's just the front of the building! If you walk down the hall to the back of the building, you may notice a quiet room on the left where data entry and phone support services are provided to outside companies providing employment opportunities to local people or on the right the activities of Day Habilitation are occurring including bingo, crafts t

Kids Notice Stuff: Make time to turn what they notice in to teaching moments

Nobody likes to be made fun of. This is basic. Sometimes, I think kids make fun of other kids without understanding that is what they are doing. My 9 year old son has a habit of pointing out differences, not because he is rude, but because he is observant. As his mother, I make sure we have a chat about people being different and how pointing those things out may not always be the nice thing to do. I love my job because it isn't about "disabilities" it's about exceptionalities. The services, education, social experiences people of all kinds receive is relevant to everyone. We are all exceptional. I don't shelter my kids, because life is going to happen. Differences are not a big deal when th

Boyce Brother's Awarded for Entrepreneurship

(Ravenswood, WV) -- Eric and Jesse Boyce are brothers with an entrepreneurial spirit. Their business includes locating items to re-sell from flea markets, auctions, and yard sales, researching the value of the items they have purchased, and preparing the items for sale at their consignment booth in the LML Riverbend Antique Mall of Ravenswood, WV. There are some opportunities to refurbish furniture items and sell them at their consignment booths alongside the antiques they have acquired. The uniqueness of their business matches their abilities and interests. Enjoying their business is the key to their success. While building their inventory, the brothers are in the community contributing t

Educator Awarded for Supporting Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

(Ripley, WV) -- Mrs. Lora Sturm, former Special Education Coordinator for Jackson County Schools, recently received the Distinguished Service award from the WVADE. By definition, the award recognizes exemplary service provided by a citizen as a volunteer helping people with disabilities. Boyce Brother’s Antiques, run by Eric and Jesse Boyce, achieved the Entrepreneurship award given to an entrepreneur with a disability who has displayed skills, leadership and initiative necessary to successfully own and operate a for profit business in the private sector. Jackson County Developmental Center (JCDC) nominated both Mrs. Sturm and the Boyce Brothers to acknowledge their remarkable efforts to s

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